For appointment or more information: Northern New Jersey Office 908-350-7034

Confidentiality and Privacy

A quiet and confidential room will be available. According to the law, we cannot reveal any information about you without your written consent.

All clients must be advised that there are exceptions to this law. These include emergency situations, child abuse, child neglect, danger to self or others, and court-ordered situations. Our policies and procedures are designed to uphold your confidentiality and privacy whenever possible.

Consumer Responsibilities

The goals of treatment include feeling better about who you are; enjoying life around you; and meeting your personal responsibilities. To achieve the goals of treatment, you must:
  • Make a commitment to therapy
  • Attend all scheduled appointments on time
  • Participate in the planning of your treatment
  • Actively strive toward the goals of your treatment plan
Mental health is so much more than the elimination of troubling thoughts and/or behaviors. An exceptional mental health professional cares for a whole person: whole family; body and mind; heart and soul.
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