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Paying for Treatment

Unless other arrangements are made, payment is due for each appointment at the time it is held. Psychiatric Services of New Jersey can accept payment via check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Insurance and Treatment Decisions

While there are continuous developments in the field of Psychiatrics/Mental Health, we regard the clinician-patient relationship as the unchanging foundation of high quality treatment and good outcomes. For this reason we chose to be solo practitioners, and this practice is not administered in any way by a hospital, group practice, PPO or HMO.

We refuse any money or gifts from pharmaceutical companies to ensure that our decision-making is free of commercial bias.

We make no contractual arrangements with any insurance company and are not an “in-network” provider for any insurance company. We have chosen this approach to maximize time spent in patient care and minimize the sharing of clinical information with insurance company employees who could dictate choices about treatment.


Medicare patients should know that we are not a Medicare provider.

Other Charges

If patients have other specific needs beyond face-to-face meetings (examples include extensive record review, report writing or frequent contact by phone or email with the patient or family), they need to let us know in advance so that we can be clear about any appropriate charges.

Finally, because we need at least one day to fill an open appointment slot, patients are expected to pay for all scheduled appointments unless they are canceled more than forty-eight hours in advance. Note that insurers do not reimburse patients for missed appointments or late cancellations.
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